• Highest level: the general

    Founded in 1959 at the then General Amateur Choir of the Commander of the Beijing Higher Military Academy. In June 1959, the 86 founding generals of the regiment participated in the second literary performance of the whole army after a serious short-term rehearsal and won the outstanding program award.

  • Harmonia sang the first Chinese Chorus Conducting Conference

    On October 13, 2018, China's first chorus commanding conference kicked off in Jiangbei, Ningbo. The conference lasted for five days, with more than 130 domestic and foreign chorus experts, more than 20 well-known choirs, and more than 1,300 chorus conductors.

  • This group of retired old men tell you with songs!

    The Brythoniaid Male Voice Choir (British boys Choir) is a group of genteel Choir composed of older men before and after retirement. Just listen to the full and passionate singing, can you think of them are actually a set of handsome old men with gray hair on their temples?

  • Moved - Jerusalem -Shira Chadasha childrens choir

    Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, one of the world's three major religious sites, is sung by an American children's Choir, Shira Chadasha Boys Choir, whose children are all jewish.



Xu Jianqiang, male, professor.



Xia Liang entered Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1978, where he was taught by distinguished professors Ding Shande, Wang Jianzhong .


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        • 第一节:合唱指挥的基本知识
        • 第二节:合唱指挥的基本拍子与三拍图示
        • 第三节:合唱指挥击拍时手的拍点位置
        • 第四节:合唱指挥不同发音的合唱指挥方法
        • 第五节:合唱指挥的预示拍

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